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Supporting you in introducing Coaching Pairs

Updated at May 10, 2024

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If you're thinking of introducing Coaching Pairs, and would like to discuss possible support with this, please email Pete Ashby, Director of


He will come back to you and suggest a time to talk on Teams, or Zoom if that works better for you.

Pete has led the process of developing these ideas and is our key point of contact with top teams in taking them forward.  He would be ready to support you by facilitating an in-person workshop with your top team exploring the core components of coaching leadership.


After your initial workshop, Pete and/or Krysia would be ready to offer 

  • background support for Coaching Pairs (via Teams, email or phone) 


  • support with planning your Leadership Development Awayday and then building on momentum in matching leaders for your second round of Coaching Pairs.


For those who haven’t worked with Pete before, in addition to his story on the About page there are various testimonials from a range of CEOs and other leaders on Pete Ashby Coaching, which is also part of TEAM2030.

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