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Leader-leader coaching in matched pairs

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Building stronger leadership teams through Coaching Pairs

Hello, my name is Pete Ashby and WELCOME to, part of TEAM2030.


At the beginning of 2024 we launched this new website to support leadership teams in taking responsibility for their own development as leaders, ​through coaching each other in matched pairs, with new matches every six months.

Coaching Pairs offer teams a way of building your own capacity for developing yourselves, and keeping on doing so in a way that's self-sustaining.


With each new round of Coaching Pairs, you build great cross-team loyalty and commitment and put yourselves in a stronger position to work together as one unified leadership team.

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The key: stronger cross-functional

In so many teams, our natural tendency is to reserve our primary loyalties for those colleagues with whom we share functional responsibilities.


 It is this link  between loyalties and functions that has led to the strength of silos in many organisations, and all of the resulting "turf wars".

Coaching Pairs strengthen teams by helping to build stronger cross-functional loyalties.  


We are matched with a colleague from another function, who we respect and trust. We support them in their quest to become a better version of themselves as a leader, just as they support us in becoming a better version of ourselves.

Six months later we're each matched with someone else from another function.  Stronger connections are built across the wider leadership team, and as this happens old silo rivalries are gradually left behind.


With each new round of Coaching Pairs, the team becomes stronger as cross-team connections become more varied and deeper.

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From trust to accountability:
the six elements of working 
together in Coaching Pairs

On the next page we set out the key steps involved in establishing Coaching Pairs, together with the six elements involved in working together in Coaching Pairs.

It is these elements, summarised below, that have the power to bring leadership and coaching together as one:













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An idea worth spreading!

As we develop the resources on this website, we will remain firm in our commitment to keeping them FREE.  There will be no paywalls and subscription schemes.​


 To use the language of TED, we believe that Coaching Pairs are an "idea worth spreading".   They could do so much to help create team cultures that combine self-challenge and cross-team support in ways that are genuinely developmental for everyone involved.


They could help you in feeling HAPPIER AT WORK through:​


  • feeling more SUPPORTED

  • playing better to each other's STRENGTHS, and


  • increasing your IMPACT as a team.


So, if you have a colleague in another organisation where you think Coaching Pairs could fit in well, please share the link - and ask them to let us know (email below) if they go for the idea.


As we roll out Coaching Pairs and develop a range of case studies, we will always keep this site up-to-date with the latest developments. 


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